22 maj 2016

Spring Tag !

Hej, w dzisiejszy post będzie postaram się odpowiedzieć na kilka pytań odnośnie mojej ulubionej pory roku czyli wiosny.  Będzie to Tag, który ułożyłam samodzielnie, więc proszę powiadomić mnie gdyby ktoś chciał skorzystać.

Spring Tag by Fleur
Hay everybody. In this post a would like answer a several questions about my favourite season - spring
This tag was made by me, so If you want to go use it, tell me please

So, let's start !

1. Why you like / don't like spring ?

I absolutely like spring because I can put on a short shirt and sandals.  I feel a fresh energy and I want spent time outside. Everything are fresh and smells flowers

2. How is your first associations with spring words ?

Green coulor everywhere

3. Your favourite spring fruit?

4. What is your favourites colour on lips ?
Celia – Delice Lip Gloss nr 15

5. What is your favourite nail ?
Rimmel – 60 seconds super shine nr. 873 Breakfast In Bed and Golden Rose 09


     Golden Rose 
6. Song which should be famous spring 2016
Justin Bieber – Love yourself  or Iggy Pop – Gardenia 


7.  Favourites drinks ...
 Raspberry smootie 

8.  Favourite sentence about spring
I can see from my perch a window downstairs in back remains open to catch the lovely spring breeze.

Thx for reading
See you next time


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